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DNS of a turbulent vortex ring (smoke ring) at Re=20,000 (S. Liska)
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DNS of a transition in vortex ring (smoke ring) at Re=7500 (S. Liska)
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DNS of turbulent flow over a sphere at Re=3700 (S. Liska)
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DNS of flow over a flat plate at 30 degrees AOA at Re=300 (S. Liska)
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Leading-edge vortex on a low-aspect-ratio revolving wing (Thierry Jardin)
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Aerobreakup of a water droplet and turbulent flow in its wake (Jomela Meng)
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Adaptive grid for flow over a sphere at Re=3700 (Sebastian Liska)
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Flow over a section of a vertical-axis wind turbine visualized with isocontours of vorticity and particle tracking (Hsieh-Chen Tsai)